The Amsterdam-based Center for Ukrainian Cultural Studies (UCS) unites Dutch scholars in Ukrainian art, cinema, media, memory, language, and literature. Launched by the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) and the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Slavic Languages and Cultures, UCS brings together scholarship on domains as varying as Ukrainian avant-garde arts, post-WWII Ukrainian film, and social-media discourse in Ukraine today.

UCS was founded by prof.dr. Rob van der Laarse (Culture and Heritage Studies, University of Amsterdam) and prof.dr. Ellen Rutten (Russian and Slavic Studies, University of Amsterdam). The center boasts a fourfold academic and public aim:

  • to promote interaction and knowledge sharing among its members;

  • to increase the visibility of transdisciplinary scholarship on Ukrainian culture and media;

  • to stimulate and facilitate research, teaching, and academic/public collaborations;

  • and to strengthen public knowledge about the region.

In its capacity as platform for cultural analysis, UCS has no political agenda. In times of fierce public debate about Ukraine’s relationship to Russia and Western Europe, the Center does aim to thicken and nuance mainstream reporting about Ukraine. It does so with historically and analytically informed discussions about cultural identities, arts, and media in the region.

The Center hosts various activities, including (public and academic) workshops, film screenings, and guest lectures. To follow us and to keep abreast of our agenda, please visit our news page, follow and/or participate in our Facebook group, and/or subscribe to our mailing list.

CS is a partner of 

  • ACCESS EUROPE, an Amsterdam inter-university research, education and advisory center of Contemporary European studies; and
  • ASCA, the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, based at the University of Amsterdam.